[Prevention of peridural fibrosis following laminectomy. Apropos of a case of monoradicular paralysis due to an intracanalar hematoma on Gelfoam]

Published online: Jun 27 1992

P Bellen.

Service d'Orthop├ędie et Traumatologie, Clinique Ste Anne, Bruxelles, Belgique.


Gelfoam has routinely been used, according to Larroca and Macnab, to prevent scar formation about the dura mater and the nerve roots after laminectomy. We report a case in which postoperative monoradicular paralysis resulted from compression of the thecal cul-de-sac by a hematoma held in place by the Gelfoam. A review of the literature on prevention of adhesions after laminectomy is included.