[Osteoid osteoma of the femoral neck in children: diagnostic problems]

Published online: Jun 27 1992

C Dartoy, D Le Nen, Y Poureyron, B Fenoll, C Lefevre, and B Courtois.

Service de Chirurgie P├ędiatrique, CHU Morvan, Brest, France.


The authors report a case of an osteoid osteoma of the femoral neck in a child, aged 3 1/2. This is a benign bone tumor, frequently painful with variable relief obtained with salicylates. Clinical latency is not exceptional in children, owing to the delayed diagnosis. When located in the femoral neck it is usually discovered after a delay, owing to the misleading clinical signs and the frequently normal standard x rays. The only treatment for cure is the excision of the nidus, which is usually difficult because of the anatomical location and the perioperative adjustment.