Issue 3

Volume 57, September 1991

  • article

    • Tibial fracture after transposition of the tibial tubercle.

      M J van Haeff, and A J Sauter.


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    • [Avulsion-fracture of the subscapular muscle]

      J Recht, J Docquier, P Soete, and J P Forthomme.


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    • An unfused acromial epiphysis. A reason for chronic shoulder pain.

      J Jerosch, R Hepp, and W H Castro.


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    • Cubonavicular synostosis. A case report.

      E C Feliu.


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    • Acute acromioclavicular dislocations treated by fixation of the joint and ligament repair or reconstruction.

      P Jalovaara, M Päivänsalo, V Myllylä, and T Niinimäki.


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    • [Morton's disease: optic and electron microscopy observations]

      L De Palma, and A Tulli.


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    • Late failure and revisions of old-type total knee replacements.

      G K Dendrinos, A Mavropoulou, and A J Polyzoides.


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    • The influence of skeletal traction on intraarticular pressure of the hip.

      H H Strange-Vognsen, J Bagger, T Lind, and P Blyme.


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    • The dynamic axial fixator in fractures of the tibia and femur. A retrospective study in 98 patients.

      B Zachee, P Roosen, and A G Mc Aechern.


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    • [Comparison between trapezectomy and silicon implant in the treatment of rhizarthrosis]

      B Coessens, L Desmet, J P Moermans, L Kinnen, and P Van Wetter.


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    • Histological evaluation of cortical bone reaction to PMMA cement.

      L N Jensen, J Stürup, M Kramhøft, and J S Jensen.


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    • Reaction of bone to methacrylate: interface remodelling.

      M Portigliatti Barbos, B Bacchini, C Balbo, and C Viglino.


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    • Effects of an in-substance conduit with injection of a blood clot on tears in the avascular region of the meniscus.

      M Nakhostine, D H Gershuni, and L A Danzig.


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    • Biomechanical behavior of the tibiofibular frame in nonunion.

      R Gunzburg, S Boulvin, R Bourgeois, and J Wagner.


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    • [Extra-abdominal desmoid tumors. Therapeutic indications. Apropos of 28 cases]

      P A Chatelard, F N Gilly, J P Carret, J L Vauzelle, M Brunat, G Braillon, and H Dejour.


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    • [The correct placement of trans-osseous traction]

      P Putz.



    • Volar dislocation of the first metacarpophalangeal joint. A case report and review of the literature.

      S Garcia Mata, A Hidalgo Ovejero, and M Martinez Grande.


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    • Bilateral fracture-dislocation of the sacrum.

      J Boury, and M Hoogmartens.


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